Pick your pottery


Pick 6 colors

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Call us to put together your kit

Give us a call to order your kit and pay over the phone. We will put it together and text you when it is ready. When you arrive, we will bring it out to your car... easy-peasy!

(we try to provide same-day pickup)

(337) 991-0120


Bring home & paint

Take your time to create your masterpiece. If you run out of paint, come by and we will be happy to refill your container.

* You MUST only use the paint we provide. These paints are made to go on pottery. If any other type of paint is used (watercolor, acrylic, etc.) we will not be able to fire your artwork because it could ruin our kiln.

Thank you for understanding.


return the item to our store

When you are finished, bring the item back to our store so we can take care of the final glazing & firing.


Pick up in one week

Your work of art will be ready to take home in one week from the day you drop it off. We will call or text you when it is ready!


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10a - 7p

Wednesday: 10a - 7p

Thursday: 10a - 7p

Friday: 10a - 7p

Saturday: 10a - 9p

Sunday: 1p - 6p


Check our FB page for special holiday hours.